Food and Book Distribution

Food and Book Distribution

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many families debilitated in many ways, including those in informal settlements. Many breadwinners have lost their only source of income, bringing on the hardship of trying to provide basic necessities such as food.


At RC Muthaiga, Rotarians have had the opportunity to garner resources and reach out to donors so as to assist with those greatly affected within our communities. Three of those communities are Mathare, where most of the Interactors from the Interact Club of Maji Mazuri and their families reside. The other is John Kaheni Residence, located in Kirigiti, Kiambu. This is a transitional centre for youth who are mentored by our Rotarians as they transition into young adulthood reside.


The third community Rotarians had the opportunity to distribute the food packs to was a cancer survivors group within the Kangemi area. This is one of the many groups that work closely with CISNET, a program that cares for cancer patients and survivors.


65 food packs were delivered to Maji Mazuri whereby a number of the Interactors and their families were present to receive the packs. The youth at John Kaheni received 25 food packs that were distributed to their families within the community of Kiambu and beyond. 85 food packs were distributed to the cancer survivors and their families at Kangemi.


In addition to the food packs, the youth at the Interact Club of Maji Mazuri and John Kaheni Residence received books donated by author and publisher, Susan Wakhungu-Githuku. These are books highlight various influencers and leaders within the country and are a great source of inspiration and encouragement to the youth as they endeavor to pursue their dreams.


The efforts of the Rotarians are greatly appreciated as they continue to give of themselves in service, even in these unprecedented times.


Article by Lina Wanjiru (New Generations Director)

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